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James Cole

Oak Hill Elementary

“There’s just something about this place!” As I sit to write my introduction I heard that phrase spoken by one of the staff at the conclusion of summer school. This teacher has just completed a long, grueling school year and three added weeks of Summer Bridge. While we all know that the summer program is much more laid back than the school year, bearing the responsibility for children, working to help them grow, even in the “relaxed” summer school world, is still exhausting. After all those days and weeks, this teacher still was able to recognize that it's great to be a Bulldog!

I am thrilled to join the Bulldog Family. We have amazing teachers and the children and families I have met are wonderful. We will make a wonderful team as we all work together to help grow our children as they set out on the path to success. As a teacher and coach, the mission I set for my students and athletes was to “win each day.” We set goals of always competing and always growing, to control what we can control. In sports, we can’t control the officials, nor do we have control over how good our opponent is, but we do control our effort and our execution. In the classroom, we can’t always predict the test questions, but we do control how well we prepare for the subject area. I’ve recently begun reading, “The 2% Way” by Dr. Myron Rolle. Sports fans might recognize Dr. Rolle’s name from his time as an All-American player for Florida State, or as a first round NFL draft pick. He’s also a Rhodes Scholar and a Harvard Medical graduate, practicing neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. His path to success was paved by improving “2%” every day, in every area of his life.

My goal this year is for the Bulldogs, faculty, staff, and students to improve 2% every day. Every day we do that is a day that we have won. That makes it a day we can be proud of and celebrate. It is my hope that you will join us as we strive to grow, 2% at a time, to become better learners, better teachers, better people, better Bulldogs!

Let’s make this the best year ever for Oak Hill!

Go Bulldogs!